Enabling companies in delivering cost effective, small form factored power efficient solutions

Semiconductors form the basic building blocks in-building solutions in areas of technologies like IoT, AI, AR/VR, to name a few. It is inevitable that the demand for smarter solutions in this segment is going to rise drastically. With technological advancements, many of the semiconductor manufacturers are struggling in the area of the complex development process, developing chips with ever-shrinking form factors, keeping shorter time to market, updating new features while keeping costs down, low power utilization for battery-operated devices, high system efficiency, and building ready to market solution.

VOLANSYS is enabling semiconductor companies in building next-generation chipset/solutions through its expertise in the area of software/hardware/QA engineering to improve productivity in the area of characterization, validation, tests, and application engineering. We have in house expertise to deliver services/solutions with increased efficiency, faster time to market, and optimizing costs for such companies.

Industry Needs

Strong Technology Partnerships

Partnership enabling the design to production with support to SDK level, BSP, driver, board bring-up, application-specific software, OS porting, upgrade or redesign, integration, ability to work on multiple semiconductor platforms, FAE support to enable successful customer designs

Market Readiness

Keeping pace with technological developments, build robust and secured chipsets supporting new-age connectivities and sensors interoperability in place

market readiness (1)
Pre and Post Silicon Validation

Focusing on optimized designs and error-free performance by developing test applications, functional validation, throughput testing, power and CPU usage optimization

Pre & Post Silicon Validation
Small Form-factor

Designing chipsets with small form factor offering efficient use of limited space, greater flexibility in the placement of components and reduced use of material

Small form-factor

Semiconductor Offerings

Embedded Software Engineering: BSP development & optimization, OS/Kernel/ application porting, device driver/interface, application firmware, connectivity stack development
Hardware Engineering: Part selection, schematic design, multi-layer PCB, layout design (Component Placement, Board Routing), fabrication, bill of material (BOM) optimization, and EOL evaluation
Designing a test automation platform, pre & post-silicon validation,reference design, evaluation boards GUI platform, IC evaluation kit, and small-form-factor boards
Quick and low-cost prototype design, validation, testing, and production


Strong Technical Support

We provide T2 and T3 support for a diverse range of solutions empowering easy adoption of complex solutions in the market

One-Stop Solution

Diverse in-house engineering services in the area of software, hardware, quality assurance, and manufacturing helps us in achieving faster time to market

Multi-Stage Project Adoption

Diverse experience enables us to adopt a project at any stage of the product development life cycle and provide support longevity